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Freight Brokers Wanted: Work with Us

In the last 12 months HFS has grown by 400 percent. As we continue to add more brokers to our team, we provide the tools and environment to assist with their customers. We strive in providing excellent customer service. Henry Freight Solutions makes it a point to continually re-examine our customer’s business and provide them with end-to-end solutions and services. We have grown from a small startup organization to a medium sized high-growth brokerage.

Freight Brokers Wanted

We are looking for professional freight brokers to expand our network of industry leading freight solutions and services.

Why is everyone racing to join Henry Freight Solutions?

Freight Brokers Wanted - Henry Freight Solutions

It’s more than just success.  It’s the flexibility to grow your business.  It’s the confidence of knowing that you have a team that will go the extra mile to service your clients.  It’s having the support of a large company with experience.


• Lucrative Compensation Packages

• Bonus Structure

• Referral Programs

• Remote Working Options

• Extensive Tools & Resources

• Continued Training & Travel

• Professional Flexibility

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